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Work with us, and you will gain a new level of clarity and direction in your life and in your business. That in turn will enable you to make a far bigger difference in the world. Our mission at the Entrepreneur Academy is to support each other and use our collective ability to create personal and financial freedom for us and everyone around us.

We are passionate about creating a society that enjoys the present and looks forward with excitement into the future. The pace of technological change and the complexity of our financial systems have led to two major challenges: The wealth gap (where the rich get richer and the poor don’t) and financial illiteracy (where we fail to upskill to match new needs and where unemployment grows). Being proactive (entrepreneurial) is essential to face today’s and future challenges.

We provide education and guidance to improve entrepreneurship and financial literacy, preparing you for the modern economy. By working with the Entrepreneur Academy you become part of the solution.

John di Stefano

Founder, Entrepreneur Academy


A changemaker desires positive change in the world. And by gathering knowledge and resources, developing the right skills and their unique talents, they make that positive change happen in their own and other peoples lives.

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As a novice in this field, the most important lesson that I’ve learned is that it all comes down to taking that first step towards your goal. Even if it’s a small one, it still counts. It’s the hardest, but most important. After that, everything will come together.

Cristian Roja