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The Secret Key to a Successful Business

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Changemakers desire positive change in the world. And by gathering knowledge and resources, developing the right skills and their unique talents, they make that positive change happen in their own and other peoples lives.

EA is not just an academy for people who want to start a business.
It’s an academy for people who want to start a life.

The sad truth is that many successful business owners have lost the connection between their life and their business. They are so indulged in their business that they forget themselves and everyone they’re connected to. Business becomes their life and the person and soul inside slowly dies. It’s what takes their energy and leaves them empty inside.

On the other side there are so many people who long for a life worthwhile living, but are caught in an endless cycle of having to survive. They live a life in jail looking out of the window and dreaming of a better world. Their motto is based on the saying “The gras is always greener over there” and they want to be over there.

We know of the frustration that eats us from inside when what we want and what we believe we can achieve are far apart. This feeling of being lost in some nirvana, desperately searching for a way out.

For us the switch happened when we realised that is wasn’t about the business or the job. That we give far to much value to the wrong things in life. Once we understood that all of this exists to serve us so we can serve others, we decided to do just that and created the Entrepreneur Academy.

EA is all about giving extraordinary minds the tools and support to live the life they want.
EA stands for creating a sustainable and desired life.

John di Stefano
Founder, Entrepreneur Academy

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