Learn the Skills of a

Successful Entrepreneur

Welcome to the Entrepreneur Academy Europe. We are here to provide you with a platform to learn and practice the skills of successful entrepreneurs. Those are the skills that form the foundation of entrepreneurship and will make you stand out in business as well as in your career and life.


How curious are you?

It all starts at around the age of two years old when we learn the power of the word “why”. Our brains are like sponges at that age, pushing our curiosity and thirst for knowledge beyond ever-changing boundaries. It’s a word we should never lose sight of – especially if we’re seeking success as an entrepreneur.

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Does your business make any money?

No matter what line of business you’re in, you have to sell to survive. Yet, sales are more than just about making money. They serve as a valuable indicator as to how well your product or service is meeting the needs of your target market.

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How Your Success Depends On The Right Question

Whatever line of work you’re in, have you ever thought about why you’re doing the job that you do? Is it for the money, is it the career path or is it something else? Think a little deeper and you’ll find that what you’re actually doing is part of a chain in a problem-solving process. But have you ever thought about what problem you would like to solve? The world awaits you!

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Habits and Triggers

Today John is talking about the importance of triggers when creating habits. Automating the habit creation makes it so much simpler to implement. You do

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What About Money

This is the video to the podcast published yesterday.In this video, I am talking about money. Yes, I touch the subject and take it apart.

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Predictability is all about trust and building the base to believe in yourself and to allow others to believe in you. This happens when you

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I’ll help you define your destination, develop the skills and a strategy that will lead you to your own success story.
Fill in the details below discover your journey.

    Dare to Lead

    I picked up this book last year and it has completely changed my view on leadership. Rene Brown is an authority in vulnerability, a research

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    The Slight Edge

    The Slight Edge makes you aware of the unwritten rules that we all live by and just wasn’t aware of. Jeff explains these principles in

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    Written by Vanessa Van Edwards, a scientist in human behaviour, this book brings it all out. If you ever thought about improving your people skills

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    Researched and developed by the European Commission with the support and influence of many universities, schools, businesses and entrepreneurs throughout Europe, the EntreComp Framework is not a half-hearted attempt to put some names around the core ideas of entrepreneurship. 

    It’s a very well researched project that defines some real trainable and testable competencies as the core of entrepreneurship.


    If you are looking for a very reliable email service FastMail could be your solution. I’ve been using FastMail for several years now and for

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    If you like me into Video Creation, then this software is a must. Filmora is a video recording software for iPhone and Android. It extends

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