Learn the Skills of a

Successful Entrepreneur

Welcome to the Entrepreneur Academy Europe. We are here to provide you with a platform to learn and practice the skills of successful entrepreneurs. Those are the skills that form the foundation of entrepreneurship and will make you stand out in business as well as in your career and life.


The Art Of Leadership

If you’re in charge of people at work – or in any organisation – and want to be successful at it, then learning about the Art of Leadership should be high on your agenda.

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How to go it alone

if you decide to go it alone, you will need to become seriously analytical about your business. You also need to be ready for action, immediate action, no delay. It’s going to be like jumping into cold water, getting straight out again, write down the temperature and describing the general feeling and the result of the jump.

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Q&A – How to manage your time

In this podcast we are answering two questions: How to manage your time and how long does it take to start a successful business. Get ready for some surprising answers and some real hands-on information. Check it out…

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I’ll help you define your destination, develop the skills and a strategy that will lead you to your own success story.
Fill in the details below discover your journey.


    Julie has nailed to the ground with her idea to twist things around. Reading this has opened my mind to completely new ideas on how

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    Everybody Matters

    In this book, Bob describes the story of creating extraordinary environments for people to thrive. His idea of leadership should be the model for everyone.

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    Researched and developed by the European Commission with the support and influence of many universities, schools, businesses and entrepreneurs throughout Europe, the EntreComp Framework is not a half-hearted attempt to put some names around the core ideas of entrepreneurship. 

    It’s a very well researched project that defines some real trainable and testable competencies as the core of entrepreneurship.


    If you like me into Video Creation, then this software is a must. Filmora is a video recording software for iPhone and Android. It extends

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    Another one of the daily tools I use. I do almost everything via Dropbox, even my computer backups (Videos and Podcasts excluded) are saved on

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    Simply Get Everything Done is the motto of Nozbe’s founder Michael Sliwinski.Together with his team, he developed an amazing task management application that just goes

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