Learn the Skills of a

Successful Entrepreneur

Welcome to the Entrepreneur Academy Europe. We are here to provide you with a platform to learn and practice the skills of successful entrepreneurs. Those are the skills that form the foundation of entrepreneurship and will make you stand out in business as well as in your career and life.


How to validate a business idea?

What would you do for a friend who’s always moaning that there’s never enough hours in the day? Buy him a clock? Nice idea, but not the ideal solution as it would only help him watch the passage of time. Dig a bit deeper and you’ll discover what your friend’s real problem is. And then you’ll be able to create the best solution to the problem.

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I’ll help you define your destination, develop the skills and a strategy that will lead you to your own success story.
Fill in the details below discover your journey.

Make Your Life Great

If you’ve ever heard of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), you’ve must have heard of Richard Bandler. He is one of the founders and the main driving

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The Lean Startup

If you want to know how to introduce a product into a market without getting lost while reducing the risk immensely, this book is for

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Researched and developed by the European Commission with the support and influence of many universities, schools, businesses and entrepreneurs throughout Europe, the EntreComp Framework is not a half-hearted attempt to put some names around the core ideas of entrepreneurship. 

It’s a very well researched project that defines some real trainable and testable competencies as the core of entrepreneurship.


Another one of the daily tools I use. I do almost everything via Dropbox, even my computer backups (Videos and Podcasts excluded) are saved on

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My Gear

I’ve been asked so many times about the gear I am using for my video and audio production that I decided to put the listing

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It is hard to get around using Social Media today. It is time-consuming, difficult to keep track of your posts and who viewed them, especially

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This is another one of the tools I use daily. Evernote has become my depository for ideas, information, links and pretty much everything else. It

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