About. The Entrepreneur Academy.

It is our purpose to provide educational services and products that allow aspiring entrepreneurs to learn and practice the skills they need to create a successful future for themselves and everyone around them. In turn, the Entrepreneur Academy is run by amazing entrepreneurs who create an environment where helping our students is part of their mission. Run as a business, the Entrepreneur Academy leads the way and practices what it preaches.

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Behind the scenes. The Team.

I’m a family guy, in my mid-fifties, who learned and practised entrepreneurship since my early twenties. I lived in several European countries and ran eight companies during that time. The Entrepreneur Academy is my number nine.

In 2014, I decided to expand my Coaching Business and get involved in teaching. My aim is to help young students and underprivileged individuals to better understand what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. And through learning and practice, create a skillset that prepares our students for future challenges in this fast-pacing world.

If you ever wondered if you can make it, let me invite you to join us and find out. 

As a student myself, I’m an action-driven person always willing to learn new things and curious about living a life with an entrepreneurial mindset. I live in North Macedonia, and currently am on my master studies for Financial Law and Finances.

In the Entrepreneur Academy, I’m responsible for managing and organizing every aspect of our teamwork, starting from the projects, planning the themes, events. Because of my natural interest in Social and Humanistic Sciences, I’m always looking for a way to give value to people, and I hope that with our mission in the EA we can spread our spirit to many people who are interested in gaining the entrepreneurial mindset, and to have an amazing journey together!

Beginning. A little story about a big dream.

All the things I’ve learned during my career have put me where I am today. Along the way I had so many reasons to give up and believe me, there were many times when that was all I wanted to do. I didn’t! Not because I was so strong and focused on my success, but because of my family and friends who pushed me not to give up. And I am glad they did.

Driven by the idea to help others become successful entrepreneurs and the knowledge that many new entrepreneurs don’t have that kind of support, in 2014, I made up my mind to become a teacher and supporter of entrepreneurs.


A few years ago, I was invited to speak at a public conference about entrepreneurship, and what we, as seasoned entrepreneurs, could do to support new entrepreneurs.

After this conference, so many people came to me and asked for advice. It often came down to fear of losing everything and about not having any support and ran all the way towards discussing business ideas and how to find out what to do next.

That’s when I knew that I was on the right path with the Entrepreneur Academy and a picture started to develop in my mind, and as more I spoke about it as stronger became that feeling, that this is what I need to do.

I created the Entrepreneur Academy for you. So you have a place to learn the skills you need to create your own future the way you like it and how it fits you.

I don’t just teach and deliver knowledge, but I also help you practice and develop yourself further. I love hearing the stories of your own successes, keep them coming so we all can learn from you.

Questions. Q&A Podcast.

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We are really excited that you’re ready to dive into entrepreneurship! Understanding the importance of learning the skills, what to look out for, and how to practice them is a major step and improvement for any entrepreneur, and we want you to be a great entrepreneur.

I know that when new to entrepreneurship, it’s likely you’ll have many questions. This is where our Q&A Podcasts can help you. Listeners, just like you, send through their questions – and we answer them.

Please use this form only for Q&A purposes related to entrepreneurship. For any other enquires please refer to the form below.

Please ask only one question at a time and be as specific as possible. Giving us some context to your question will make it easier and very likely will give you the answer you’re looking for.

Thank you for participating.

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Thank you very much for getting in touch.

The Mission. Join us.

We believe that everyone regardless of gender, age or race has the right to live a life worth living. It is our vision to build a place where people can learn and practice their skills and prepare for a worthwhile future. We are constantly focusing on education and training for entrepreneurs and on creating an environment ready for today’s entrepreneurs and the generations to come.

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