Am I an entrepreneur?

Am I an entrepreneur?

You always wanted to do something different, maybe start your own business or get that amazing job?

However, how do you know that you are made for it?

You can speak to friends what they think about you and if they see you as an entrepreneur. You can speak to a life coach and analyse these sides of you.
You can take a personal profile test in entrepreneurship and if you believe in it, it might give you the answer (Just Google it).

In my experience successful entrepreneurs are not born as entrepreneurs, but they have this amazing ability to visualise things clear and bright in their head and they have this real urge to get whatever it is they see. They are committed and highly excited to get there.

It really boils down to that. Yes of course it is important to have talent and skills, but those don’t make you an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs are very passionate people, often boardering on the extreme. But that is exactly what drives them. They don’t question their own abilities. It doesn’t even come to mind. They are only interested to find a way to get what they want. This is not meant negatively, because if they really want to become successful they need to be also great with people, understanding the needs of others and knowing how to help them best.

Of course there are many grades of entrepreneurs and to become successful an entrepreneur needs to walk the path.

Working with entrepreneurs and being one myself, I can tell you that anyone can be an entrepreneur. In the end it is about making a decision and committing to it.
That means, you are the only person who can answer that question. If you decide on a goal or outcome and commit to it, you are an entrepreneur.

If you do so, I can promise you, it is not going to be boring and it will be something to tell your grand children about in the future 🙂

Enjoy the ride and I am looking forward to meet you on the way 🙂

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