Audible – Audio Books

Audible – Audio Books

If you’re like me always open to learn new things you won’t get around readings books. I consume about 2 books a month which normally would take a considerable amount of time. But since I’ve been using Audible this has changed completely. Audible are spoken books, read to you in most cases by the Author or very experienced readers who can really bring over the essence of the story. This means you can listen to the books wherever you are, in the car, metro, while jogging or working in the garden. This has freed up so much of my time. It runs on all mobile devices and the book is always available at a touch of a button. I use Audible to learn about new things and when I really like it, I buy the Kindle version as well to highlight passages or sayings from the book to reference at a later stage. But most of the time Audible books are exactly what I need.

What Audible says:
We are the world’s largest provider of expertly performed audio books. You can listen to your books anytime, anywhere, through the Audible app. And as an Amazon company, we do everything we can to make your experience flawless.

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