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The Perks Of Wintering The Longest Month

January seems to be the longest month of the year, not just for me but for most people I talked to about it. It intrigued me how and why a single month could be such a nuisance to so many, so I made an effort to understand why it is so for me in the first place.

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Can Our Workspace Affect Productivity?

I started thinking about the possibility of making my improvised work space a place I could enjoy and hopefully boost my productivity as well. I learned that sometimes, the smallest change could refresh my point of view and help me see the situation from a completely new angle. When I feel refreshed, there is no room for stress.

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Being An Entrepreneur In 2022

Even after almost two years, we still don’t know where to go. It makes me think of how explorers of the olden days must have felt. Discovering new land, new cultures and civilizations, not knowing what to do with it all.

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What Does Christmas Mean To You

Over the past few decades, Christmas has been largely commercialised and is now seen as an occasion to spend money and buy expensive presents or other irrelevant things. I think we have all forgotten its true meaning and purpose. And remembering what it truly should mean might bring us all closer together.

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The People Around You

Why is one person more successful than another? It would be easy to say that one was luckier than the other, but could that alone make such a difference?

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The Before and After Moment

Everyone has experienced before and after moments. Like before you met that person and after. Or before you had that experience and after, before we read this fantastic book and after. We all have those impactful moments which change our lives in a big or subtle way.

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How to find your first job the right way

I know it can be daunting. You worked so hard studying for a good result, and now you are out there trying to find out how this all works. Before we get into some detailed steps, we need to discuss some basic rules to help you navigate this like a pro.

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7 Tips to Hold a Job

If you are one of the lucky ones to still be in a job, you might be interested in what you can do to keep your job. We collected the best tips we could find in this article.

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