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How to make that perfect elevator pitch

The one thing you as entrepreneurs have to get used to early on in your career is the art of networking. If you go to any of those events or if you just meet someone, the first question you usually get is: “What do you do?”

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Happiness and Mindfulness

Happiness is wonderful. It’s also intriguing. Can we – or should we – be happy all the time? And how do we measure happiness? We all have different views on pursuing happiness. What’s yours?

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Cope with Ambiguity, Uncertainty & Risk

The Twist that will make your business

Do you ever feel like your business is just treading water? All around you, the market is changing, customer behaviour is transforming and you’re left drifting out to sea. A little twist in the way you do business can help you catch that wave and get you swimming with the tide rather than against it.

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A question of perspective

Perspective is a wonderful thing. It helps us form our own opinions, ideas and even judgements on a vast range of issues, from the petty to the more serious. While you don’t have to be on the same wavelength as others, it may open your eyes to other possibilities.

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The Motivation Triangle

That well-varnished expression ‘small steps lead to big improvements’ still rings true today. Since your first steps as a child, perhaps you’ve since climbed mountains, trekked across deserts…or started your own business. And all these actions begin with ‘motivation’.

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Are you focusing on the right thing?

Negative thoughts fuel negative actions – and often no actions at all. So how do you switch off all that negativity and blast your way out of it with positive thoughts, ideas and actions? As someone who has been there and done it, John di Stefano could well have the solution for you!

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Are You An Entrepreneur?

In some shape or form, entrepreneurs have been part of the fabric of society for millennia. But how do we define who is and who isn’t an entrepreneur? By definition, it’s not easy: the role of the entrepreneur has evolved through the years. Not just as a part of society, but actually shaping the world that we live in. However you look at it, life as an entrepreneur is all about value!

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What will it take?

What will it take to start and run a business? Is it all about planning, goal-setting and working towards it? Well, not quite, but you’re almost there.

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