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Why giving up is not an option

Popularized by Billy Ocean’s chart-topping hit in 1985 – but attributed to Joseph P. Kennedy (father of US President John F. Kennedy) – the phrase “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” is the backstop for all entrepreneurs for whom giving up is not an option. Is that you?

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Why so many entrepreneurs give up

In spite of all your efforts, there are times when you start to think ‘enough is enough’. The business isn’t turning out how you imagined – and that great business idea isn’t as great as you first thought. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With the right foundations to build upon, it can work!

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How to be in the right place at the right time

We all know that we can’t be in two places at the same time…yet. But even being in one place, is that the right place as far as that well known maxim of right product, right place, right promotion and right price is concerned? And being in the right place isn’t just about a physical location…

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Am I an entrepreneur?

In my experience, successful entrepreneurs are not born entrepreneurs. Still, they have this unique ability to visualise things clearly and brightly in their heads

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Do you have a Business Partner?

You have to admire couples who celebrate 60 or more years of marriage. Personality, loyalty and commitment are among the many reasons for their successful and long term partnership. But how does it work in business? And just how do you find the right partner?

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How to validate a business idea?

What would you do for a friend who’s always moaning that there’s never enough hours in the day? Buy him a clock? Nice idea, but not the ideal solution as it would only help him watch the passage of time. Dig a bit deeper and you’ll discover what your friend’s real problem is. And then you’ll be able to create the best solution to the problem.

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You need to be an entrepreneur, if you want to or not!

Far from being an anachronism, the ‘job for life’ approach still has its appeal: working for one or two companies until retirement age and then living off a pension. But the ‘way of work’ has changed significantly in recent years in tandem with new generations of business minds. And whether starting out on our own or choosing the corporate lifestyle, there’s an entrepreneurial mind in us all.

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Who and Where Are You?

Have you ever asked yourself the question who and where you are? If so, what was your answer? Depending who is asking, we describe the things we believe they would like to hear. So, if you have a destination in mind and are looking for ways to get there, make sure you know who and where you are.

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You, not the business, just you

As entrepreneurs, we all love doing what we do…and getting paid for it! And it’s only right that your business is the embodiment of your personality and skills. However, trying to understand that you are not your business is a different matter. Let’s explain why.

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Are you focusing on the right thing?

Negative thoughts fuel negative actions – and often no actions at all. So how do you switch off all that negativity and blast your way out of it with positive thoughts, ideas and actions? As someone who has been there and done it, John di Stefano could well have the solution for you!

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