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How to start your business without being scared?

With all the courage, confidence and creativity needed to start your own business, you’re raring to go. But then something in the back of your mind says “what if…?” Is this really such a good idea? Do I really want to step into the unknown? It’s only natural to have a dose of the fear factor. But there are ways you can overcome this – and live the life you really want to lead.

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Why is change so hard?

Like it or not, change is happening all around us every minute of the day. And there, we have a choice. Go with the flow and accept that those changes will happen anyway. Or become the instigator that puts you in control of the changes you’d like to see in your life? Isn’t it time you had a change of mind?

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Why your business needs goals

Every successful entrepreneur sets out to solve problems – and generate revenue in the process – by setting and achieving goals. Key to this, is ensuring that your personal goals are separate from your business goals.

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What is a Business Idea?

Business ideas often come to us at the strangest times and in unusual places. In your mind you can see that great idea coming to life, what it will look like and how it will work. You can’t wait to get started. But before you get too excited, step back. Identify if you’re idea actually solves a problem and that it’s something that people are willing to pay you for. Your research will tell you if it’s a valid business idea!

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The Power of Now

Time is one of the most important facets of our lives. It’s merciless, relentless and impacts what we do and when we do it. But did you know that the most important time is Now? It’s time to find out why…

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The frustration of not going anywhere

Having one of those days? Take heart. According to Thomas Edison, ‘Genius is one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration’. But how can we cut down on all the blood, sweat and tears? Here’s how to start turning things around…

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Why don’t you just ask!

Many of us are afraid to ask when we need something. Perhaps we don’t do it because we are afraid to get rejected – or because we just battle on to try to figure things out for ourselves. What stops you from asking for help when you need it?

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Are you an entrepreneur?

In some shape or form, entrepreneurs have been part of the fabric of society for millennia. But how do we define who is and who isn’t an entrepreneur? By definition, it’s not easy: the role of the entrepreneur has evolved through the years. Not just as a part of society, but actually shaping the world that we live in. However you look at it, life as an entrepreneur is all about value!

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Do you have a Business Partner?

You have to admire couples who celebrate 60 or more years of marriage. Personality, loyalty and commitment are among the many reasons for their successful and long term partnership. But how does it work in business? And just how do you find the right partner?

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