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What is success for you?

Measuring success and describing success bring their own set of challenges. After all, success means different things to different people. But how do you explain the true meaning of success to an eight-year-old who is hungry to know all about it?

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How can we find happiness, fulfillment and freedom in our ever-changing world?

Like it or not, change is happening all around us. Day turns into night. Spring turns into summer. Ans where time and nature are concerned, we have no control of those changes. In other aspects of our lives we do have the power of change. Not interested in that TV programme? Grab the remote and change it…or just bark out a voice command to your AI device. But what about changes in your life? That takes courage. Have you got what it takes?

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The thing about positive thinking

It’s become a bit of a cliché, but ‘there’s no such thing as a problem, it’s an opportunity’ still holds true today. And that’s because problems simply exist in our minds. It’s the way we think about certain things or situations. We all have the power to change that – and it starts with positive thinking!

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You need to be an entrepreneur, if you want to or not!

Far from being an anachronism, the ‘job for life’ approach still has its appeal: working for one or two companies until retirement age and then living off a pension. But the ‘way of work’ has changed significantly in recent years in tandem with new generations of business minds. And whether starting out on our own or choosing the corporate lifestyle, there’s an entrepreneurial mind in us all.

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You, not the business, just you

As entrepreneurs, we all love doing what we do…and getting paid for it! And it’s only right that your business is the embodiment of your personality and skills. However, trying to understand that you are not your business is a different matter. Let’s explain why.

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What will it take?

What will it take to start and run a business? Is it all about planning, goal-setting and working towards it? Well, not quite, but you’re almost there.

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A question of perspective

Perspective is a wonderful thing. It helps us form our own opinions, ideas and even judgements on a vast range of issues, from the petty to the more serious. While you don’t have to be on the same wavelength as others, it may open your eyes to other possibilities.

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Everything starts with an action!

How many times have you used that time-honoured phrase ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’? Not as an excuse for procrastination – but to justify that the goal you’ve set can only be achieved by taking small steps and a series of positive actions to realize the big picture. Whatever you’re building, everything starts with an action!

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