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What Does Christmas Mean To You

Over the past few decades, Christmas has been largely commercialised and is now seen as an occasion to spend money and buy expensive presents or other irrelevant things. I think we have all forgotten its true meaning and purpose. And remembering what it truly should mean might bring us all closer together.

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Accountability equals success

Being accountable means so much more than simply reporting back. It’s all about taking responsibility and being driven by your own motivation to meet the goals of your business. Accountability also breeds success. But who are you accountable to if you’re a solopreneur?

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The Thing About Passion

Life is full of feelings. Some are stronger, and some are weaker. Passion seems to describe strong feelings. The kind of feeling that makes us do the crazy stuff and might have a life-changing impact.

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You, not the business, just you

As entrepreneurs, we all love doing what we do…and getting paid for it! And it’s only right that your business is the embodiment of your personality and skills. However, trying to understand that you are not your business is a different matter. Let’s explain why.

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What to do if things get too much

We’ve all had those moments when we feel on top of the world. But for some of us life starts to become a drag. And we get dragged down with it, further and further. But there is a way through the mist – and here are 16 actions to re-ignite your ‘can do’ attitude and help you climb back to where you want to be.

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Show, Don’t Tell

Is writing simply sitting down and doing it, or does it take much more than that? Some say it requires a special talent, while other say there are rules to follow. Why is showing better than telling?

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The Funnel System

Last week during our weekly meet-up in Brussels, we were talking about the perfect sales pitch and sales process to gain momentum in the market.

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The Three Roles Of Successful People

To achieve success, a business needs three different roles working together – the entrepreneur, the manager, and the worker. Those could be three different people, or all three covered by the same person. What is the role of each? How do they work together?

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Happiness and Mindfulness

Happiness is wonderful. It’s also intriguing. Can we – or should we – be happy all the time? And how do we measure happiness? We all have different views on pursuing happiness. What’s yours?

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