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This is one of Europe’s top three blog resources on entrepreneurship (based on Feedspot) with a wide range of topics devoted to personal development and business advice on starting, scaling and sustaining your own business.

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The Art Of Leadership

If you’re in charge of people at work – or in any organisation – and want to be successful at it, then learning about the Art of Leadership should be high on your agenda.

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7 Tips to Hold a Job

If you are one of the lucky ones to still be in a job, you might be interested in what you can do to keep your job. We collected the best tips we could find in this article.

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The Motivation Triangle

That well-varnished expression ‘small steps lead to big improvements’ still rings true today. Since your first steps as a child, perhaps you’ve since climbed mountains, trekked across deserts…or started your own business. And all these actions begin with ‘motivation’.

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Chess Game

Business in a world without competition

Starting and successfully running a business without any competition might seem like an unusual – if not impossible – way of making money. And yet, it’s a concept that can and does work, if you know the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of the business you’re actually getting into.

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Searching For My Task Manager

I am a very busy person and always have lots of things on my mind. It’s not that I want to be busy, I can’t help it. The side-effect of always being busy is stress and lately that stress has come out in ways I don’t want to deal with.

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What skills do you need as an entrepreneur?

The concept of entrepreneurship has been with us for hundreds of years. But the context in which the teaching and learning of entrepreneurship is applied is on the verge of radical change. John di Stefano explains how the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework and its partners across Europe are driving that change forward.

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