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Take back your Agenda

If the first thing you do in the morning is to look at your emails or messages, you need to step back and rethink your life. Looking at emails or messages from others is just a reaction based on actions from others and never planned. Be yourself, be authentic and enjoy the freedom this will give you.

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Planning & Management

The Art of Positioning

Finding your niche means much more than coming up with a business idea. You need to be absolutely clear about the value you will be creating for your customers and define your target market with precision. Get your positioning right – and your customers will love you!

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The language of an entrepreneur

Frustration is one of the biggest hang-ups for entrepreneurs, especially when starting a business. When things don’t go to plan, you get demoralized and your confidence falters. The experiences of one of clients proved that turning negatives into positives is one of the best ways of getting frustration out of your system and turning your life around.

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The frustration of not going anywhere

Having one of those days? Take heart. According to Thomas Edison, ‘Genius is one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration’. But how can we cut down on all the blood, sweat and tears? Here’s how to start turning things around…

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man thinking, worried

Decisions, Decisions…

Your trusted, but ageing, car has broken down. It’s going to be expensive to repair. Should you scrap it and buy another car? But which make, what model, what colour…how much should you spend? Narrowing down your options makes your decision on the most desirable outcome easier…as Melanie is about to discover.

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Welcome To The Club

Let me introduce you to the largest club in the world. This club is fully international. It is the most expensive club in the world but also the easiest to join. All you need to do is answer the following questions with a definite No:

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What is success for you?

Measuring success and describing success bring their own set of challenges. After all, success means different things to different people. But how do you explain the true meaning of success to an eight-year-old who is hungry to know all about it?

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A question of perspective

Perspective is a wonderful thing. It helps us form our own opinions, ideas and even judgements on a vast range of issues, from the petty to the more serious. While you don’t have to be on the same wavelength as others, it may open your eyes to other possibilities.

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