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How to become a good leader

Gandhi. Churchill. Mandela. Cleopatra. Lincoln. All instantly recognisable for their leadership qualities through an ability to influence and inspire. None were born as leaders. But they all made the decision to become not just a leader – but a great leader.

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Searching For My Task Manager

I am a very busy person and always have lots of things on my mind. It’s not that I want to be busy, I can’t help it. The side-effect of always being busy is stress and lately that stress has come out in ways I don’t want to deal with.

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It’s all about having a choice

How do you know if a decision you are going to make will deliver the right outcome? When faced with multiple choices the decision becomes even harder…unless you have the facts to back up that decision – and that choice.

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Chess Game

Business in a world without competition

Starting and successfully running a business without any competition might seem like an unusual – if not impossible – way of making money. And yet, it’s a concept that can and does work, if you know the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of the business you’re actually getting into.

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How Your Success Depends On The Right Question

Whatever line of work you’re in, have you ever thought about why you’re doing the job that you do? Is it for the money, is it the career path or is it something else? Think a little deeper and you’ll find that what you’re actually doing is part of a chain in a problem-solving process. But have you ever thought about what problem you would like to solve? The world awaits you!

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