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I picked up this book last year, and it completely changed my view on leadership. Brene Brown is a researcher and a professor at the University of Houston, and in this book, she challenges the way we define leadership. Dare to lead is a research-based work where she combines her knowledge, experience, real examples, strategies and conversations with successful leaders and change-makers.

Dare to lead is one of those books you should re-read every year. The traditional view on leadership is usually connected with power, status, titles, ruling, etc. But here, Brown shows us that true, brave leadership has nothing to do with us, but the way we treat people, let ourselves be vulnerable and empathetic with other people, and how we listen and respond in a conversation.

She encourages her readers to leave their comfort zone and build courage, be curious, seek knowledge, ask questions, and generally make a difference. Leadership comes with such a high responsibility for others.

This book is a great reminder and a guide for me; I highly recommend it.

By Brené Brown, published October 2018

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