Escaping the Fish Bowl

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This book might take you out of your comfort zone, primarily if your life and business are driven by money. Robyn Moyle, an Australian Author, frustrated with the state of the world, goes on a journey of total change. She tells the story of a time in the near future where money has been discarded and no longer exists. She explains how she sees the world where people are the main focus of life.
The book caught me and opened my eyes to new ways of seeing things and re-evaluating strategies and reasons. Some of it I found too far fetched to take in, but most make a lot of good sense. It indeed confirmed my firm belief that any business must be about people and providing value.
Why not challenge your thoughts and look at things from a different perspective? I dare you 🙂

From the book:
The year is 2033, and Robin wakes from a coma after 17 years to a world where money does not exist. This is the story of his journey to discover life in a whole new society and to understand that what he previously perceived to be freedom was not freedom at all, but a system designed to enslave him and serve only a few. Robin soon realised through the help of his therapist Maddy, and his 14-year-old niece Alana, that this new world he has discovered was the way life was always meant to be.

By Robyn Moyle, published 2015

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