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Getting Things Done, or as its secondary title says, The Art of Stress-Free Productivity is a powerful guide that offers help with developing new skills needed for successful life management. Allen focuses on his step-by-step approach to teach us how to boost productivity when we feel overwhelmed by the amount of workload. Since it was first published, the book has been constantly praised worldwide in the business world.

David Allen is an experienced coach and management consultant, and his goal with this book was to teach us some basic principles and tricks that we can apply even in our everyday life to make it better organised. The book will change the way you think about and approach a task, and you will be left with a feeling of relief. I couldn’t recommend it more; it has worked wonders for me.

GTD should have been my first recommendation on this platform. It is probably the most influential book I have read so far. I bought it in 2012 and have been re-reading it every year since then. Allen’s methodology describes the simplest and most effective ways to manage any stressful day or job. I have to admit that this book has changed my life. So, if you struggle with getting things done or you think there is not enough time in the day, read this book. You will notice a change in your life as soon as you start applying it.

By David Allen, published 2015 (updated version)

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