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Julie has nailed to the ground with her idea to twist things around. Reading this has opened my mind to completely new ideas on how to recover from business fatigue. Most of us tend to get used to things and stop questioning them even if everything starts falling apart, we tend not to look at the real cause. In her book “Twist”, she describes new ways of looking at things by taking ideas from entirely unrelated businesses and make them work for your business. This gives everything a twist and makes you stand out from the crowd. Julie is running a successful consulting and training business introducing twist into companies and is also a well-known speaker on TED events.

From the book:
Is your small business or non-profit having trouble standing out in today’s crowded and competitive markets? In your efforts to look legitimate, you’re likely promoting your brand with promises, words and images that blend in instead of break through. The solution? Find your Twist. In this book, Julie Cottineau, former VP of Brand for Virgin, founder of Brand School and a global authority on impactful and effective branding, shares her unique Twist approach which helps businesses remove their brand blinders and look outside of their categories for actionable insights that build stronger brands and better business results. She uses easy to follow examples of actual small businesses that have successfully applied her methodology. Don’t waste another minute on “me-too” marketing until you read this book and build your own Twist.

by Julie Cottineau, published 2016

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