It is hard to get around using Social Media today. It is time-consuming, difficult to keep track of your posts and who viewed them, especially if you want to be consistent and post several times a day on regular intervals.

This is where Buffer comes in. It is a straightforward online service that allows you to buffer content (post, images, etc.) to be published at predefined times. It also comes with a convenient analytics function, which tells you at what times your post was viewed so you can adjust the times you want your future posts to be published. It sends you a mail when your buffer is empty.
Buffer integrates with most browsers which allow to share online content and to add it with a click of a button to your buffer. It couldn’t be easier.

I’ve been using it for several years now, and Buffer has become part of my weekly routine and a highly valuable tool for all my Social Media campaigns.

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John Di Stefano

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