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Here is a list of our personal business tool recommendations. We’ve used each of these apps extensively for more than 12 months and we are happy to share our personal opinions with you here. Please keep in mind that we have our own way of working and doing things that might not be yours.

However, we hope to give you a good idea about some of the tools out there that could help you on your path. The links point directly to the related website with more information and the option to buy. Enjoy!

Looking for something specific?


While Dropbox is still a great tool and I am still using it for the most part, there are areas in my business that require a better security level. One of those areas is accounting and billing.

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Notion – Project Manager

Notion promises to be many tools in one, replacing Evernote, Trello, Todoist and Dropbox Paper.
I think it does a good job so far, but it still needs to go a long way before I will give up any of the other tools mentioned and fully integrate with Notion.

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My Gear

I learned the hard way that even the best gear is not doing it without good content that fits your audience. Before buying any new equipment, make sure you’ve got everything out of your old gear.

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ToDoIst – Task Manager

It’s essential for me to work with tools that work for me. Most apps out there are so complex and so poorly designed that working with them is neither pleasant nor productive. ToDoIst has a different approach.

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As a video creator, I use YouTube as my video platforms in most cases. But for my training videos, I need a way to secure the video and restrict its viewing options to this site. This is exactly what Vimeo offers.

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If you like me into Video Creation, then this software is a must. Filmora is a video recording software for iPhone and Android. It extends by far the possibilities of the build-in solution and gives you full control not just over the picture, but the sound too. It is a complete solution.

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Amazon AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, offering computing power, database storage, content delivery, and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow.

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If you are looking for a very reliable email service FastMail could be your solution. I’ve been using FastMail for several years now and for me, it’s the #1 email service on the planet.

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Headspace and Meditation

Business is 99% what you make of it. It means that all responsibility relies on you, which makes the journey a very stressful experience. So, taking care of our mental health should be every entrepreneur’s primary concern.

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Business Model Canvas Apps

The Business Model Canvas is one of the tools I use with all my clients, without exception. It visualizes your idea as a business. It is straightforward to use once you understand the concept.

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Buffer is an excellent social media management tool for both individuals and teams that find social media use very time-consuming and difficult to keep track of.

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