How a change maker works

How a change maker works

Being a change maker or entrepreneur is not about you, but the people you decide to help.

When talking about their business most start-ups or even established businesses are talking about themselves and the things they want. It’s about their goals, their turn-overs, their achievements.
It’s very rare that they talk about their customers and what their customers have achieved because of their help.
They mainly look at what they get out of it and don’t think about the fact that these things are given to them by others (mainly their potential clients). If those clients don’t come up to their expectations, they are disappointed.

Their business is based on convincing others to give them something. They mainly ask others to do something for them, trying to find out how to influence or convince others that they are worth something.

Business is an exchange of values.

You give something and they give something back. This is a given rule and the base of business itself. If you want to have an impact and become a real change maker, you need to concentrate on the things you can easily influence and control, the things you do yourself.

The general rule is, if you give a lot, a lot will come back to you.

But be careful, if you give a lot in order to get back a lot you most likely won’t get much. The world is not changed by receiving, but by giving, as this affects the receiver most and causes most of the change to happen.
The art here is to find out what and how to give best and how to help your customers most. If you understand that and are really good at this, they will never let you go, which creates the value you have in the relationship. This is what I call wealth. It has nothing to do with money, but everything with what you are worth to others.

I have never seen a business going down the drain by concentrating on creating value for others. Only the ones trying to create value for themselves go down.

A successful business is very good at creating value for others.

When starting with my clients, the first things we do is identifying their current position in life and business to become clear of the risks, possible dangers and their skill and talent level. Being clear about this and if managed correctly takes some of the fears starting their own business away.

Becoming very clear about their perfect customer is the next step. This creates a focus point to concentrate on when developing tools and strategies.
Then we identify the structure and profile of the business, the actions to be taken and the direction to go. This helps to stay on track and is reviewed on a regular basis.
The we start to connect to our perfect customers to confirm our ideas and to proof that they really work for our customers.

As better value we can create for our customers as more wealth we create for ourselves.

If you think like this you can never run out of work. You will never feel that you worked too much, because what you do is extraordinary, is life and business changing.
As I said the only thing to learn here is how to do it right, to figure out how to really help.

Do you think that being that person, your customer would ever let you go? No way. This is the level when business becomes exciting, exhilarating and energy generating. At this level money doesn’t mean anything, you will just have it if you choose so.
To get there is just a switch in the way you think. It does not require any time or strength or investment of any kind. It is just a decision to be that person. You can become this person right now. You don’t need to wait for anything.

Your biggest enemy is fear about the things that could happen to you or your loved ones because of the situation you feel you’re in. There is nothing more egoistic then fear for yourself. Lets be clear about one thing: If you are worth something to someone else they will never let anything happen to you. Create that value in as many people as you can and you create your own safety net. Much much stronger than you could ever build yourself. And beside that you’re never alone.

What better is there?

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