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I created this contact page to help you get your questions answered . . . fast! Check out the FAQ section first. If that doesn’t help, my team and I would love to hear from you and address your enquiry the best we can.

Frequently Asked Questions


I welcome guests and contributors to join me in my in-house podcast and video productions to share their good and not so good experiences in business and entrepreneurship so that my audiences can learn and benefit from their knowledge.

I am available for interviews throughout most of the year. If you would like to reserve time for me to come on your show to discuss entrepreneurship, start-ups and personal development, please submit your information via this email address:

[email protected]

I work with many organisations and individuals throughout Europe and provide Mentorship and promote Entrepreneurship. I welcome applications from individuals interested in applying to join my Mentorship program. Please send your email to the following address:

[email protected]

No, you may not reprint or republish any of my content without my written permission. Except where otherwise specified, all content is copyrighted by European Business Services Consult VOF.

Taking content without permission is not a nice thing to do—and it’s a really bad way to build a business. You can do better—build a business based on your own knowledge and skills. I trust you can!

I have received many kind offers to translate my work into other languages. Because the project will require much more than simply translating my words, it is not a project I am planning to take on at this time.

The Entrepreneur Academy is in Europe and here in Europe we have many different languages. Right at the beginning I took the decision to work only in English. Most Europeans have English as their second language and I try to keep my blogs, podcasts and videos in an easy to understand English. But I am aware that for some this might be difficult. 

Please do not publish translations of my work without my written consent.

Find help from our Q&A Podcasts


I’m really excited that you’re ready to dive into entrepreneurship! Understanding the importance of learning the skills, what to look out for, and how to practice them is a major step and improvement for any entrepreneur, and I want you to be a great entrepreneur.

I know that when new to entrepreneurship, it’s likely you’ll have many questions. This is where our Q&A Podcasts can help you. Listeners, just like you, send through their questions – and I answer them.

Here are the most popular questions on entrepreneurship – and my answers! If you don’t see your topic here, then send me your question to be answered in one of the next Q&A podcasts!

Still have a question?


I try to respond as fast as possible to your emails, but depending on the work-load and the amount of emails coming in, it can take a few days before I reply.

If you send me questions where I believe the answer could be valuable for other EA members, I might include that question into one of the upcoming Q&A Podcasts and will let you know if I do.

Thank you very much for getting in touch.