Curriculum. Learning on the go.

The best way to learn any skills is by practising them and putting the learned into action. It makes everything you learn work for you and allows you to adjust and make it yours. That’s why we created this curriculum.

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Focus. Learning what you need most right now.


If you want next year to be your year in which to advance in your career, learning the right skills to make that happen is key.


If you dream about starting your own business you will need a different skillset to make this happen.


Everything not specifically covered by career and business, we cover under the topic of Life. Here the needed skills will vary and the needs might change quickly.

About Learning. Why it makes a difference.

While we are finalising our Curriculum, let us invite you to browse our blogs, view our videos, or listen to our podcasts. We cover a wide range in there and you find something that will help you along.

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To get you started, below is a small selection of our latest articles. Enjoy.

How to get from hating it to loving it!

Some of us love the work we do. Some of us put up with it. While some just…wish they could be doing something else. But how can you move out of a world of work where you’re not happy? A little patience and perseverance can go a long way to solving your problems…

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What to do if things get too much

We’ve all had those moments when we feel on top of the world. But for some of us life starts to become a drag. And we get dragged down with it, further and further. But there is a way through the mist – and here are 16 actions to re-ignite your ‘can do’ attitude and help you climb back to where you want to be.

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Am I an entrepreneur?

If you’re tempted and excited about the prospect of becoming an entrepreneur, how do you know if you’ll measure up to the challenges that await you? There’s no exam, template or boxes to tick that will guarantee you success – but there are certain personal characteristics that will determine how your journey might begin.

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How an entrepreneur decides what to do?

When you’re thinking about starting a business, remember that there’s a fine line between doing something that you have a passion for and doing something that you’re good at. And yet, the two can work in harmony while you learn, practice and improve.

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