It takes more than a big personality to make it as an entrepreneur!

There’s no shortage of adjectives or superlatives when it comes to describing the personality traits of the successful entrepreneur.

Probably the one prevailing characteristic that unites them all is the ability to solve problems. And it’s how they go about this that makes all the difference between an entrepreneur and a successful entrepreneur.

Similarly, it’s not just about someone who has an idea for a new business venture. And let’s face it – around 80% of start-ups fail within their first few years, mostly by making mistakes that could have been avoided. So why do some succeed – even on a global level – while others fall by the wayside?

We’ll take a quick look at some of the qualities we’ve come to respect in successful entrepreneurs – so you can take a look yourself and say, “Yes! That’s me!”

How would you describe yourself?


As someone who has a clear idea of how you want your future to unfold, your ‘can do’ attitude is the driving force behind pursuing and realizing your dream. And it’s this visionary quality that fuels all the other personality traits of our entrepreneur. You’re an innovator with the imagination and creativity to solve problems.


Rising to the challenge means taking risks. Remember when you first rode a bicycle without stabilizers? Chances are that in the pit of your stomach you knew you were going to fall off at some point.

And when starting out as an entrepreneur you know that you’ll be stepping into unchartered territory. But it’s not about how big a risk you’re prepared to take – such as your savings or your home. It’s how you manage the risk – and don’t gamble – so that if things don’t go according to plan you can dust yourself down, learn from your experiences…and get back on that bicycle again!


Closely aligned to your visionary attributes, it’s your passion that gives you the motivation to set and achieve your goals as a change maker. It’s all about your energy, self-belief and desire to break the mould by remaining totally focused on your ambition.


A true test of the entrepreneur’s character because ‘failure’ is not in your vocabulary. Nothing is going to stand in your way to get the financial backing you need. You’ll make adjustments along the way to secure it. You’re adaptable, flexible and open to advice and support. And even when the chips are down, your determination, optimism and patience will rise above the obstacles in your way.

Do you have what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur? Remember, we’re not born as entrepreneurs. That’s why we’re here to share all our resources to help you acquire the personal and business skills that really can make a difference to achieving the dream that is your passion.

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