Another one of the daily tools I use. I do almost everything via Dropbox, even my computer backups (Videos and Podcasts excluded) are saved on Dropbox. It is just so easy.
Dropbox makes all of your files available to you from any computer or phone. It’s as easy as adding any file to your Dropbox folder. You can start working at the office and finish from home without ever needing to think about where your files are – they are always with you.

Joining Dropbox is easy: installing the Dropbox software (for Windows, Mac or Linux) creates a particular folder on your computer. Anything you add to this Dropbox folder will be saved automatically to all of your computers and the Dropbox website. You can also invite people to share any folders in your Dropbox. This makes Dropbox perfect for team projects or for sharing with family or friends – it’s as if you’re saving straight to their desktop. The Dropbox mobile apps let you take your life on the road. And, because Dropbox keeps a one-month history of your work, you can go back in time to fix mistakes or rescue deleted files.

Dropbox offers 2 GB free of charge to start you off, and you can earn up to 16 GB of additional space by referring friends, or upgrade to a Pro account with up to 1 TB and 32 GB for referrals. Dropbox Business offers as much space as your team needs, starting with 1 TB per person.

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