Entrepreneur Survey

Thank you for taking part in our short Entrepreneur Survey.
In average the survey takes about 2 minutes and consist of a few questions to better understand your reason to become an entrepreneur
Below the survey you can find the current results updated on a weekly basis.

Thanks again for your support.

Cheers John

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Main reason for becoming an entrepreneur?

  • Money 32.35%
  • Security 5.88%
  • Independence 55.88%
  • Freedom 58.82%
  • No Other Choice 2.94%

Do you feel well prepared to run a business?

  • Yes 21.88%
  • No 9.38%
  • Still learning 68.75%

Would you invest in yourself and your business?

  • Yes 64.52%
  • No 6.45%
  • Depends 29.03%

Would you go back and study?

  • Yes 53.33%
  • No 13.33%
  • Maybe 33.33%

Do you think a mentor or coach could improve your chance of success?

  • Yes 56.67%
  • No 3.33%
  • Depends on Coach or Mentor 33.33%
  • Depends on myself 3.33%
  • Other 3.33%

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