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Whether you are seeking to improve your personal life, start your own company or expand your current business, we work on your side, step by step at every level to create your success.

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Success is a choice you make. In life or in business.

Everyone can be successful. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will go through its whole life thinking that it’s stupid.

Who are you?

Who are you?

I discovered that being an entrepreneur is not only about creating a business and making it run, it’s also about learning through the process of personal development and trying to be the best you can every day.

Yasser Dao

Knowing who you are is the basis for success!

Knowing and identifying your talents and skills is vital for your success. Also knowing yourself, the things you enjoy or don’t will be a decisive factor. We created a process using a variety of personal and business assessment tools to help you discover your own identity and understand what works for you and what doesn’t. This knowledge forms the base of your success, allowing you to develop in the right direction and to have a starting point to build on.

You create a personalised strategy of what to do, and when to do it, that’s natural for you. It allows you to get in sync with yourself, the cycle of your team, business and industry. It allows you to follow the right role models and create the right personal and business connections.

Once you understand yourself and your abilities better, many things you find difficult today become so much easier, because you understand the why. You learn to express your ideas, dreams and goals with ease and learn to look at life and business in a way that brings you forward.

Where are you?

Knowing where you are is the starting point of success!

We are all at different levels in our life or business. Analysing your personal and financial situation shows you where you are right now and creates the base for the next steps to take. We use a program that allows you to find your current level and to discover how to move to the next.

To really understand your current position means to be aware what is happing within you and around you without judgment. This is not like school where a test decides if you are good enough. It is about defining your starting point from where to build your future and identifying and setting your foundation. As clearer you are about your position, as clearer the next steps become. Knowing where you are right now is paramount for your personal and/or your business development.

Over the years we have developed a compass system that allows you to pin-point your current position with great accuracy. This builds the starting point of your journey.

Just starting your first business? Involved in multiple businesses? Trying to quit your job (or keep it)? Attempting some changes in your personal life? Wherever you are, you need to know where that is before you can go forward.

Where are you?

There is no point in dreaming about an expensive holiday if you don’t know how to pay your next month rent. You can have whatever you want, but know where you are and start from there.

John di Stefano

Where are you going?

Where are you going?

The coaching sessions with John are always very productive. John really challenges our ideas. He helped us to focus on the next step to take without losing ourselves in big ideas and complexity.

Kristof Geldhof

Knowing where to go is vital for success!

How clear is your vision of your future? Most of us only have a foggy picture of where we’re going because things are changing too rapidly and we believe too much of the future is out of our control.
Not true! The leaders and entrepreneurs you admire had a very clear image of their future, and took the steps to make it happen.

Understanding that change is required to move forward and is a major step in the right direction. Moving in any direction requires a change in your life. Some change is created by us and some changes are created around us. Having a clear direction allows you to use both to get you were you want to go and this will make your progress an exciting and fast one.

At the Entrepreneur Academy everyone we work with develops a “future vision” which not only serves you, but impacts everyone around you as well. Through this you help to shape the world we are creating together.

How will you get there?

A plan, action and support is the key

Learn what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. Together we design your success plan. We support you with a series of tools and programs personalised to you and provide you with an environment of professionals and upcoming entrepreneurs, giving you everything you need to be successful in life and business

Our Memberships are the first steps of understanding entrepreneurship and as a member you will be introduced to tools and processes that allow you to assess yourself at each step of your journey, connect with other extraordinary changemakers, share and develop your personal profile and make a real positive change in your life or business for yourself and others. For the extra kick, you can apply to join John’s personal mastermind group for changemakers committed to making significant progress each month in their business and life.

Whatever your decision or direction, we are here to support you and help you make things happen. We strongly believe that together we can make a real difference.

How will you get there?

The Entrepreneur Academy has provided me an environment where I can openly share my struggles and receive enough advice and inspiration to take meaningful next steps. I feel very confident about making my dreams come true.

Saori Nishida

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