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Too expensive. Too time-consuming. And why bother when you’re surrounded by people who are only too willing to give you ‘good advice’?

These are just three of the wrong reasons why you may have dismissed business coaching before. But with more than 80% of start-ups failing within the first three years, it’s something you may like to take more seriously.

In fact, the value you get out of our One-on-One Coaching sessions far exceeds any pre-conceived ideas you may have had about the cost and time involved. Through our own experiences as entrepreneurs across a wide range of business disciplines we’re ready to help – whether you’re trying to start-up, scale or sustain your business.

With a strong focus on getting the right balance between your personal development and the development of your business, we’ll advise and support you in the areas most critical to your success. Here’s an overview.

Business strategy

Creating a business can be quite expensive and overwhelming at the beginning. You need to have the right strategy to generate the business you want.

But even after you’ve set up your business and gained your first customers you’ll need to build your market with a long-term strategy that ensures the future of your business and guarantees a steady and growing income flow.

  • We’ll help you create a strategy that gets your business off the ground and sets you up for long-term success
  • We’ll discuss ways to turn your idea into a business, keeping in mind your circumstances and the market of your choice
  • We’ll evaluate your current situation and discuss ways to turn it into a valid business base

Business review

Sometimes it’s helpful to have a second pair of trained eyes on your business. Especially if you’ve started a while ago and feel that you’re not getting anywhere. It’s easy to get lost in all the little things required when running a business – and this can cause you to miss opportunities to create new business.

We’ll study your business and discuss ideas with you on how to close gaps and optimise your business. This would include:

  • A quick one-session business review with to help you pick out the big, glaring areas for business improvement
  • Digging deep into your business with you across all areas to really fine tune your business to its maximum potential


Marketing is probably the most important tool of any business in today’s ever-changing market place. Understanding and applying the right marketing tools and strategies can be the make or break of your business.

  • We’ll evaluate you current marketing strategy and show you areas of improvement
  • We’ll teach you how to use all possible marketing and branding options and help you set it up to project the right image for your business
  • With so much of today’s marketing based on Social Media, we’ll help you identify the right Social Media strategy for your business

Personal development

As an entrepreneur, the responsibility of your business is on you and that can mean significant pressure on you with the increasing likelihood of getting stressed, making the wrong decisions and – in extreme cases – burning-out completely.

But, it doesn’t have to be like this as we help to turn the ‘negatives’ into ‘positives’ with strategies that use stress as a positive propellant and to gain energy out of it instead of being drained by it.

  • We’ll help you setup ways to deal with stressful situations without getting caught up in them
  • We’ll help you define your role in your business and create the space you need to be more productive
  • We can show you how your business can be part of your life without it becoming your life

Our coaching skills go far beyond this, as we’re happy to help with more wide-ranging challenges that are not directly linked to a start-up or build-up of a business.

This can be anything related to business partnerships, young entrepreneurs with a limited skill set, senior entrepreneurs, business and family and much more.

Get in touch. Let us know how we can help you. After all, that’s what our business is all about.

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