Have You Ever Been Obsessed?

Have You Ever Been Obsessed?

A couple years ago I was living in Madrid with roommates, a South American couple, where the woman was so obsessed with cleaning. I thought I had high standards of house hygiene, but she took that to a whole other level. Every day she would come home from her job as a nanny, she would either cook or clean, or both. I always wondered why she felt the need to clean this much.

We all know at least a few people who obsess over something. For the long time, while I was a student, I was obsessed with food. Planning my shopping, cooking and preparing for the day. Eating vegan and healthy required me to be organized and plan in advance not to end up eating a bag of chips when I was starving. Bad eating habits are easy to acquire, especially if you are not well organized.

Today, this obsession is gone and I do not spend most of my day going over food I have to buy, prepare and pack for this day or a week. It took a long time, consistency and effort to train myself and acquire a routine so I wouldn’t need to put my cooking session and shopping in a calendar. Moreover, I became spontaneous and relaxed, not having to calculate how many hours I would be out and how much food I need to bring with me. Another important part of this process was learning where I can find food that suits me and is healthy to get on the go. For example, the first week I moved to Madrid, I invested a lot of time and research in finding stores and restaurants with foods I eat. The adventurer I am, I would then walk and discover rather than take a metro from A to B. This way I would get some exercise in, always discover some new parts of town and stumble upon a place I can grab a bite in.

What I am trying to say is that not all obsessions are permanent and bad. Sometimes we can use ours to get what we are after, achieve goals and get into healthier routines. In the process we can make it more fun and involve our creative side to spice it up.

Today I still wonder why my roommate had to clean this much and whether she was in need of physical activity and cleaning was a way to keep moving or was it something else.

What is your obsession?

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