How’s this an idea for your business?

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As an entrepreneur, you love the challenge of the new, the amazing feeling when an idea turns into reality. It is like a rush and sometimes it’s like falling in love. You just jump into it and let yourself swoosh away.

You don’t really know much about it. It’s all new after all and in a way you hope for the best and already see yourself as the successful entrepreneur, all wishes fulfilled and a happy bunny all around. What a great dream!

While this kind of passion can be very exhilarating, motivating and can give you a lot of energy, if you want this to be more then a dream, you need to have a plan, some direction and you should take your time to get this right.

Mostly it starts with an idea. You see something, hear something or have done something you think could be a great business idea. You pitch it to your friends and describe it in all colours and you have an answer or a solution for every “but” they might throw-in. You get highly excited and frustrated at the same time as you can’t understand why not everyone thinks the same way then you do.

Listen and learn

Lots of people have many ideas, but if you want to find out if your idea has a chance in the world you need to learn to speak to people about it and to listen to what they have to say. You need to learn to filter out the information that can help and to see how your idea reflects with other people (your possible clients). Google it and find out as much as you can. Depending on your circumstances this should not take longer than a few days and you either “know” it will work or it won’t.

Describe the idea from all angles, define for who it is, why they need it, what makes your idea stand out. Bring your idea alive, out of the dream world into the real world. Now pitch it again to your friends and see their reaction. They can be a great indicator of what you are going to face.

John Di Stefano

An entrepreneur at heart and founder of the Entrepreneur Academy in Brussels, Belgium. He is teaching and supporting entrepreneurs in the skills every entrepreneur needs to create a better life for themselves and the people around them.

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