How to get motivated?

How to get motivated?

Have you ever felt really motivated about something?

If you ever been in love, you certainly know what I am talking about. This internal drive that lets you move mountains, that lets you do things you never thought possible. And whatever is thrown at you, you take it with a smile and you still keep going. Such an amazing feeling.

So if people ask me how I get the motivation to do all the things I am doing, I can whole-heartedly reply:

I am in love with it, it’s that simple

While I investigated motivation over the years I came to the conclusion that it is nothing else then me making a decision to fall in love with it. That brings it down to making a decision and as Brendon Burchard describes it: The mother of all motivation is choice.

It is a question of choice to be motivated about something. You just have to make a choice and decide what your next big thing will be. Fall in love with it. Embrace it and challenge yourself.

To be more concrete: Once you decided what your new venture will be, you need to make a conscious choice to love your future. You want to be a part of it, explore it, challenge it and yourself. You want to proof that you are the best for it. You don’t compare it with anything else. It is the optimum. That’s what motivation is about.

If you feel something is missing and you can’t get going, fall in love with it.

I wish you all a loving time 🙂

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