How I do my Social Media Planning

How I do my Social Media Planning
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I don’t know if you’ve found your perfect Social Media Planning and Management tool, but I have been searching for the right tool for quite a while now and have not been able to find one.

Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of them out there, but none of them worked for me, or they were so expensive that I couldn’t justify the costs.

I almost gave up when I decided to create my system. I started by making a list of all the features I need and by looking for the tools that might cover all or some of them.

I’ve set myself a target of max. 30 Euro per month for everything and after ten days of research and some trial and error, I came up with the following solution:

Google Calendar (free)
Evernote (free)
Buffer ($10/month)

Then I set out to get it all organized to work together without losing myself in complexity, but still be in control of my planning.

For the actual content, I created a Google Calendar for each media and added the headers for each item. It allows me to plan and see what has been done already in a straightforward view. By giving each category a colour and assigning the colors to the content, I can see if I overdo-it with a specific category or if one is not represented enough.

I use Buffer to schedule all my posts, and I also use Buffer for re-tweets or shares by using the Buffer plugin for browsers. It adds the share to the list to be published at the defined times. All times are set in Buffer. Buffer also informs me if a media has no more content to avoid any inconsistency.

Buffer gives me some basic stats and the rest I get via Google Analytics. I use those stats to re-publish well-running posts and add them manually to my Google Calendar into the right media (falls under shared media). So, if I run out of ideas or time, I can create re-tweets reasonably quickly (no stress there )

For my posts, I use Evernote to write everything. I can create a list of headline ideas, and whenever I feel like it, I can write the post. When it is time, I can copy it to my blog and finalize it.

Doing it in Evernote makes it very easy to include research, voice, content from other sites, and all of it is fully searchable and indexed. It can’t be better.

I also have a list of sayings I really like, and I use those for posts as well.
To create beautiful images with the sayings, I use Pablo by Buffer. It’s free and quick.

For my other images, I created some pre-sized templates for each media in my graphics program. It already contains everything necessary (size, logo, copyright, etc.). All I need to do is use a photo as background, add some words (if needed) and save. It takes 2 minutes.

For images, I use Shutterstock or Fotolia.

For my Videos, I usually cut out a frame and use it as a background.
However, I am thinking of experimenting with plain colors or simple backgrounds, putting the emphasis on the category name (word) instead of the photo. I see this more and more, and it would save a lot of money.

I also re-use my photos as much as possible. Sometimes all it needs is to apply a filter, and it looks completely different — worthwhile playing with.

When it comes to time spent on Social Media, then that depends on your way of working. I currently spent about 50% of my time on social media (creation, posting, planning, etc.).

By doing so consistently for a few months now, I was able to double my likes, followers, and friends on almost all channels. It has led to an increase in visits to my site of nearly 60%.

My connections on LinkedIn has risen by nearly 70% in the last year alone. My EA Facebook page is slowly working towards 1000 likes, and my personal Facebook page is running at 2500 friends at this stage.

It is all from natural traffic, not me trying to connect or asking people to like my page (I did this at the beginning, but I found it more harmful than worth it).

The video part is relatively new to me but is the only platform (YouTube, Patreon, Dashburst) that actually might create some direct income.
I believe video becomes more and more important on all platforms. Even Twitter started now.

As you can see, I was able to stay under my budget, but I heard that Buffer is planning to increase their prices. Even so, I think It will still be okay.

I hope this helps you and points you in the right direction.

For most businesses, Social Media is too important today to not do it or to do it badly. But at the same time, it is the biggest time waster there is. It is so easy to get caught up once you’ve opened Facebook or Twitter.

That’s also why I like Buffer. I can now dedicate one hour a day (after I’ve done my work) to go through the profiles and be social, responding to questions, show my interest and create new bonds and make friends. Suddenly everything becomes so much easier, and I saved a lot of money.

I would like to know how you are managing your Social Media. Just drop me a line below, I am always willing to learn something new 🙂

John Di Stefano

An entrepreneur at heart and founder of the Entrepreneur Academy in Brussels, Belgium, this site is run by John di Stefano, teaching and supporting entrepreneurs to learn the skills every entrepreneur needs to create a better life for themselves and the people around them.

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