Important Business Questions To Ask Yourself (37)

Important Business Questions To Ask Yourself (37)

In this episode we are talking about the most important questions you need to ask yourself when running a business. This podcast can touch the possible answers. But it might give you the push you need to start building a scalable and successful business.

The question we tackle are following:
1. What do we offer that makes the customer come back over and over? (Recurring Revenue)
2. How difficult is it for the customer to leave us and continue with another provider? (Switching Cost)
3. Do we earn before we spend? Can we produce on demand/order instead of in advance? Can we create courses on demand? (Earning First)
4. Can we use existing infrastructure to reduce costs? Can we host our courses on a platform without advances (Pay by usage)? (Cost Structure)
5. Are there others who can create value for us for free? (Other’s Work)
6. How scalable is our Business Model before we reach a road block? (Scalability)
7. How easy is it for competitors to copy our model or break into it? (Competitive Protection)

I hope you enjoy this podcast and if you want to go more into details, join us on our members pages or send us an email.


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