Learn the skills to create your own successful future

Hi – I’m John di Stefano – and welcome to the Entrepreneur Academy. My role is to help you learn and practice the skills of successful entrepreneurs. Those are the skills that will make you stand out in business as well as in your career and life. It will be a privilege to teach you the foundations of entrepreneurship.

Who is it for:

Anyone who is ready to change their life for the better. Our platform is meant to help you design your own future by learning and practicing the skills to make your future a success.

If this is you, then I’m glad to have you on board!

What other entrepreneurs say

Working with John, even if for a few short sessions, has been refreshing, energizing and also (positively) challenging.
As a novice in this field, the most important lesson that I’ve learned is that it's about taking that first steps towards your goal.
The coaching sessions with John are always very productive. He forces us to focus on the next step to take without losing ourselves in big ideas and complexity.
John is very clear that while knowledge and passion are crucial prerequisites for your business, , taking action and being consistent that will drive your success.

Preparing for your future is more important than you may believe! This is your first step to make that change.