Mailster eMail Newsletter Plugin

Mailster eMail Newsletter Plugin

I have been using MailChimp as my newsletter creation and management tool for several years, but I was never really happy that I had to pay so much money for my autoresponders and I never really liked the fact that all my subscriber details are managed outside of my system. After long research and after testing multiple other systems I decided on Mailster, an email newsletter plugin for WordPress. Like most plugins it was easily installed and offered a function to import all subscribers into its own database on my own WordPress server.
It comes pre-configured with many options and subscribers are managed like users in WordPress (without log-in rights).
It took me about 2 days to design my own templates (designer provided) and to setup all the autoresponders I need. There are no limitations in the amount of newsletters, subscribers or autoresponders. That means I can run all the campaign I want without worrying about my bill.
For sending the mails I use the Amazon extension. Amazon offers amazing rates for sending emails and Mailster provides an extension to integrate and use that system.

The support is great and the plugin is offered via the Envato Market platform. The plugin costs $49 US Dollars for 6 month and further 6 month extensions cost less then $20 US Dollars.
The system will continue to work even if you don’t buy the extension but you won’t receive ant further updates or support other than the forum.

I am glad I took the step in this direction and decided on Mailster.

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