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Wikipedia describes the word Comfort Zone as following:

comfort zone is a psychological state in which things feel familiar to a person and they are at ease and (perceive they are) in control of their environment, experiencing low levels of anxiety and stress. In this zone, a steady level of performance is possible.

It sounds technical, but as I understand it, being in your comfort zone means you feel content and relaxed, while still being able to be productive. It sounds like paradise.

Everyone who lives a hectic lifestyle dreams of finding a way to function stress-free and be able to enjoy what they do. For me, it’s been a while since I spent some time taking it easy and not worrying about everything. You’ve guessed it – I’m a mom.

I am a mother of one and that one has been my life for almost 2 years now. I love being a mother, but I would not call this a stress-free existence. The opposite is the case. It’s more like a roller coaster of ups and downs. There are moments when I feel the happiest person in the world and there are moments when I don’t know how to survive.

So, when I looked up the word comfort zone, I was trying to find out what and where this place is. Is it possible to create an actual place for yourself, your own comfort zone, where you can go when life becomes too much and just feel happy? My aim is to find such a place for myself and discover all the little things that make me happy that I could decorate it with. 😄

I wonder if such a place exists. So far I haven’t found it, but so many people talk about it, I have to believe that they did find it.

Hey, you! If you have found it, could you let me know?

My search continues. I accepted the challenge to find this place and I will update you here on this channel.

Speak to you soon.


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