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Picture this: It’s Saturday, and you’re going over to a friend’s house to help her prepare some promo flyers for her business. Next weekend she’ll be over to help you with your latest YouTube videos.

Another friend, running a food truck, has been hired to feed all the hungry people coming to a concert, but one of his staff is sick, so you offered to help out during the busiest time, taking orders.

It’s a small circle of friends who all have clear goals that they talk about with each other, aren’t afraid to ask for help, and are eager to accept it.

All in service of building a future and a solid financial foundation.

It works in all areas. For example, imagine you’re trying to build a Facebook community or increase your Twitter or Instagram audience. Instead of hiding and figuring it out on your own, you encourage each other, give feedback and ideas and share the best posts with your followers. That way, everyone gets there faster.

Those friendships are so rare. So many of us still struggle on our own, don’t allow anyone in, and are scared to be seen as weak.

But why is this?

Well, most people:

  • don’t talk about money
  • don’t want to work that hard
  • don’t have an idea for a side hustle
  • don’t share their goals with friends
  • don’t know how to ask for help
  • …and are awkward about accepting help when it’s offered

And so on.

If you have a dream of building something meaningful, tell your friends about it. Find a group of people who want to help. Forward them this email to give them ideas.

It could be anything from real estate projects to a mastermind for growing or starting a business, to watching their kids so they can get in a few hours of focused writing, to helping them pack orders for their eCommerce business.

Find your group. Offer to help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Show up. Accept help when it’s offered. Then you can all be a rising tide for each other.


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