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One of the core cornerstones of an entrepreneurial mind is an intense curiosity about life and how the world works.

Being curious requires you to have an open mind and see and experience the world without judgement or taking sides.

It is about accepting what is and finding your place in it.

We are all born with it. All you need to do is watch young children, how they explore everything which draws their attention.

They don’t try to change things; they explore and learn from interacting.

At the Entrepreneur Academy, promoting curiosity in our students is at the core of the way we work.

Knowing how to nurture and guide students’ curiosity is the gift of all great teachers. They do that by encouraging students to investigate and inquire by posing questions rather than only giving answers and challenging them to push their thinking deeper by looking further. And we are constantly striving to improve on this.

For some of our students, curiosity about some things may be short-lived and quickly satisfied. For others, it may become a sustaining passion on which whole lives and careers are built.

In any case, a lifelong sense of curiosity is one of the greatest gifts that schools can give their students.

If you ever wondered if there is more out there to discover and you’re ready to explore and learn, give us a go.

Who knows, maybe being an entrepreneur is the right direction for you.


I am looking forward to talking to you.



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