How Our Values Shape Our Life

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A couple of days ago, I was talking to a friend of mine about the way we see ourselves compared to the way other people see us and how that image changes as we learn and experience more. That conversation challenged me to try and define my own self and possibly reassess my self-worth. What is it that I consider the most important values that shape me as a person and make me stand out?

In my own words, I would say that values are our beliefs and traits that we can use as road signs leading to a happy and fulfilled life. Whenever I do what I genuinely believe in and what I am inclined to do, I undoubtedly feel content.

I’ve always thought that people who feel burnt out or miserable with what they do and how they live simply feel so because they haven’t aligned their values with their actions. So, how can we discover our values and use them to our advantage?

For me, it is one simple question that I came across a long time ago, and that has stayed with me ever since – what would you do if money was not important? It’s interesting to see how the notion of money blindly controls all of us.

So, once I let go of it, I could focus on what really made me happy. In my case, it was writing and expressing myself through it, and also using my traits and beliefs like – empathy, desire to help others, integrity, and creativity to improve my expression. Where do you believe you create the biggest value?

I have realised that when I focus on doing the things that matter to me most, I live a more purposeful and fulfilled life – you know your self-worth, you follow what you’re passionate about, and feel encouraged to live up to your full potential.

So, ask yourself today – What’s important to you in life? And let yourself be curious and explore until you find that thing that sparks you.


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