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Last week, I drove along in my car through Brussels when I saw three teenagers walking towards a zebra crossing. When I approached the crossing, none of the teenagers looked at me. Instead, they just walked over the road, fully engaged in their mind, not a little bit worried if there might be any danger.

What is going on in their minds that they are not even bothered about any danger around them? Whatever it is, it seems to be more important and engaging than what is really happening.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who keeps looking at his or her phone and doesn’t seem to be there? Unfortunately, that’s how many of us seem to live our lives today.

Let me make a point here:

Life does not happen in your head!

Life is around you all the time, the real life.

The weird thing is that most of us don’t even realise that we are not here. We are somewhere in our minds, trying to fight a problem or live a different life. It seems to be a form of escape from reality.

No wonder that some of us do more and more extreme things to get the attention of others, and some retreat entirely and join the “mind-walkers”, as I call them.

If you catch yourself drifting off and joining the mind-walkers but still believe that there is life worth living, then join us in training your entrepreneurial mind.

It’s not complicated. All you need to do is take care of three aspects:

  1. The physical aspect > staying fit and exercise regularly
  2. The mental aspect > train your mind and meditation
  3. The action aspect > take the actions that make real-life worth living

Real-life is so much better and so much less stressful if approached with an entrepreneurial mindset.

To find out more, get your head out of your mind and talk to us.

See you in real life 😉

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