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Welcome back For most of you, the holiday period is over, and you are slowly itching yourself back to work. I guess some of you enjoy being back, and some of you might struggle, wondering what all this is about and why there can’t be an everlasting holiday. But, to be honest, I believe being on a permanent holiday would be a very dull existence after a short period of time.

For the rest of us who are ready to create some value and are looking forward to the next level, I found some interesting research about success:

Success is based on the following: 50% Circumstance > the place you live, the environment, the people around you, your upbringing, etc. 10% Luck > being at the right place at the time, being given something without any action from your side, etc. 40% Mindset, mental and physical fitness > curiosity, openness, fitness, action, education, experience, etc.

Those are very interesting numbers. When it comes to the first 2 points, Circumstance and Luck, you can only do very little to impact them. The third one, the Mindset, is where you are fully in control. 40% doesn’t sound so much, but all those numbers are not separate from each other. They influence each other.

But none of this actually describes what success really means. If success is based on the amount of money you make, you might want to move to Switzerland, where the average income is much higher than in the rest of Europe.

Whenever you compare success to others, you really compare Circumstance and Luck, the two things you have no impact on.

Once you start comparing Mindset, Training, Learning and Improving, the picture looks very different. It is much harder to compare your progress with others as it is more personal, and you can only measure it based on your progress.

Let me invite you to focus on the 40%. Find something you are going to improve on by the end of this year. Become good at it and watch the impact this has on the other 60%. You will be surprised, I am sure of it.

If we can help you with any of this or if you want to find out more, join us on our journey and train, practice and teach the entrepreneurial Mindset. Why don’t you?

Cheers John

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