What’s your next job going to be?

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This week I would like to challenge you a bit with the question:

What’s your next job going to be?

Some of you might think: Why should I change my job? I am okay where I am, and I have no plans to move on. Some of you might be out of work and happy for any job that comes along as long as it brings in some money.

But I want to challenge you to step back for a moment and design your future job, whatever your position is right now. This is an exercise I do with clients who got stuck in their career and not sure how to move on from here.

As many of you are back to work after your holidays, I believe this is a great time to review your current situation. So let’s go:

What would be your perfect job?

Besides the money, what should be the most rewarding part for you?

Would you rather work alone or in a team?

What about location? Are you happy working in your current city, region or country?

Independent of your age, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Are you still going to work in the same company or running the same business?

Step back even further. If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

I hope this makes you think and either confirms that you are in the right place or it makes you rethink your current situation.

If you like to know more about figuring out your future job and want to know how to make this happen, send me a mail.

Have an amazing week 😂



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