The Entrepreneur Academy is a dynamic hub of information and communication. We welcome entrepreneurs and purpose-driven individuals from all walks of life who have that special passion to start, scale and sustain their own business.

You don't have to be GREAT to start
but you do have to START to be great.

Zig Ziglar

You don't have to be GREAT to start
but you do have to START to be great.

Zig Ziglar

Together, we design and build your plan for success, in life and in business.

What’s important to you is important to us. And that was the driving force behind setting the Academy in motion.


We realized that many of us give far too much value to the wrong things in life: that there is a different – and better – way of achieving personal happiness and fulfillment while doing amazing things for other people.

Our role is to support you in every way we can through our online community. We’ve created an environment of professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs for you to engage with to bring more clarity, confidence and control in how you want to live your life and bring positive change to the lives of others – all through a sustainable business.

With your vision – and the Entrepreneur Academy – you can make the difference!


Harnessing the power of the digital age enables us not only to provide you with an array of resources but also to draw upon the experience of some of the greatest entrepreneurial minds around the world.

Our coaches, consultants, mentors and advisors bring their first hand knowledge to the Academy to support you in every aspect of starting, scaling and sustaining your business.

Making all this happen are the three core members of our team – all with entrepreneurial backgrounds – supported by specialists in IT, design and production.


Founder and Senior Business Coach

As the founder of eight different companies across Europe –working in marketing and IT, consulting and coaching –John is a passionate entrepreneur who loves the freedom to create his own future.

In 2014, he formed the Entrepreneur Academy in Brussels, Belgium with the aim of providing a dynamic platform for entrepreneurs to grow, learn and practise.

His mission is changing people’s lives for the better by supporting them in creating a life through which they can help others.

[email protected]


Brand Specialist and Art Director

Natasha has been working in advertising and design for more than a decade not only with multi-national brands but also with small-medium size businesses and start-ups.

She specializes in brand identity, graphic design and brand strategy.

Her mission with the Entrepreneur Academy is to apply her experience gained through the years to help entrepreneurs establish and improve their brands.

Starting a new venture or want to redesign your existing brand? Natasha’s skills are the perfect complement to the Academy’s portfolio of services.

[email protected]


Content Manager and Curator

If you can read it, hear it or see it, then the chances are that Nick will have been involved in either creating or curating our content for you.

His first-ever paid employment was raking seaweed off the shoreline of a beach. While he still enjoys a bit of beach life, that experience was enough to make him realise that there was a better life out there.

Four successful start-ups later in marketing and tourism, Nick is now enjoying his own “niche” with the Entrepreneur Academy!

[email protected]



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