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How to come up with a great business idea

Do you feel like its time for a change? You've been in your job for so long now that it all became routine, a bit boring, not challenging enough. You ... Read More

The Roles Of A Business Owner

To run a successful business means to be good in many areas. Starting with developing the right ideas to managing the existing infrastructure and the technical aspect of the day ... Read More

How To Choose The Right Brand Name

This is one of the questions I get asked a lot. There really is not one single answer. In the past company names and brand names where treated as one ... Read More

How To Be Super Productive

Productivity is one of those words that's thrown around a lot. But what does it actually mean A measure of the efficiency of a person, machine, factory, system, etc., in ... Read More

The Lie Of Multitasking

Multitasking has become a new fashion word. It's praised as the most efficient way to get things done, but it's actually the opposite of that. Multitasking is merely the opportunity ... Read More

How to really get things done

Do you have a task list? For some it's the list that haunts them and is always pestering them to keep going. For others it's the best thing in the ... Read More

Starting Your First Business

So, you're ready to become a small business owner and show the world what you're made off. Congratulations 🙂 Let me give you some basic advice how to avoid the ... Read More

How To Get Almost Anything You Want

Let me answer this straight away: You need to ask! It's that easy. Simply asking should get you a lot, but if you want to bring this up a nodge ... Read More

How To Win At Anything

We are living in crazy times. Everything is happening and changing so fast. We hardly have any time at all to adjust. If that is how you feel, this article ... Read More

Welcome To The Club

Let me introduce you to the largest club in the world. This club is fully international. It is the most expensive club in the world but also the easiest to ... Read More

Why You Should Feel Uncomfortable

Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to change or learn something new like another language or a new skill? Most of us know that our brain is ... Read More

Are you focusing on the right thing?

We all know that what ever we focus on we use our energy on. That sparks the question: "Do you focus on the right things?" Often I catch myself creating ... Read More

How To Improve Success As An Entrepreneur

Lots has been written about entrepreneurship and what makes entrepreneurs successful. But what are entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurs are creators. They create something that does not yet exists. They are curious and ... Read More

The Last Man Standing

Since the books by Napoleon Hill "Think and Grow Rich" and "The Law of Success", hundreds of people have been looking for that one thing that would guarantee success. Nobody ... Read More

The Perfect Elevator Pitch

There she is. Your new potential client, the one who could give you the deal of your carrier. The things you're going to do and say now are crucial for ... Read More

Bankruptcy – What’s next?

Bankruptcy is a legal status of a person or other entity that cannot repay the debts it owes to creditors. In most jurisdictions, bankruptcy is imposed by a court order, ... Read More

About Not Giving Up

I just read this article that clearly stated, that if your business doesn't make any money right at the beginning you won't make it and you should stop before you ... Read More

Who and Where Are You?

This is the first question I ask when I start working with a new client and the one question many struggle to answer. The reason this question is so important ... Read More

What is the future job

When I compare the job market today with 30 years ago I am amazed how much has changed in such a small timeframe. When I was a student I had ... Read More

The Art of Positioning

Positioning, also called niching, is the art of finding the spot in your field of business where you can provided the biggest value and have the biggest impact. In its ... Read More

Do you really need a Business Coach?

I guess the easiest way to understand coaching is looking at the sports world. All sport teams or individuals have a coach. It's almost impossible to think of any sport ... Read More

Happiness and Mindfulness

The pursuit of happiness has been a major subject over the last years. Many books have been written about it and quite a few movies have been produced around happiness ... Read More

Goals – The Good and the Bad

Here we are again - the time when everyone talks about goals. How does this make you feel? Are you on track, caught up in the goal setting motion, writing ... Read More

Accountability Equals Success

Success is such a strange word and it means so many different things to different people and is so hard to define. It's like a shapeshifter, always adjusting to change ... Read More

Becoming the Best Version of You

I want to introduce you to Vanessa. A single mother living and working in London for the past 8 years. 2 month ago she has been told that she is ... Read More

How lonely Do You Want To Be?

Many people have told me that being an entrepreneur often puts you in a very dark place. In a place you can feel very lonely. Life isn't always easy and ... Read More

Being at the Right Place at the Right Time

Have you ever wondered why some companies become successful while others are struggling forever? A lot of research has been done in this field and the results vary a lot, ... Read More

Meditation and Going Home

I just finished my morning meditation session which I have been doing consistently for the last 11 month and somehow I feel really good. Last year around this time I ... Read More

The Funnel System

Last week during our weekly meet-up in Brussels we were talking about the perfect sales pitch and sales process to gain momentum in the market. We were looking at the ... Read More

The language of an entrepreneur

Yesterday I had the first meeting with Gloria, a new client. She is the mother of two children and her husband works as an IT consultant. She is running a ... Read More

The Start-up Trap

This morning I received another load of emails promoting online courses and trainings. They usually start like this: From the constant feedback and survey responses I get, it's clear that ... Read More

What’s another year?

Winding back to the end of 2015; I just finished my planning for 2016. I know it sounds so organised, but far from it. I didn't really know what I ... Read More

Do You Really Want To Be An Entrepreneur?

It's Saturday morning. You're sitting at your table at home reviewing what you've done with your business over the last year. You're not really happy with what you have achieved ... Read More

Entrepreneurs on Fire

After 2 years of planning, discussing with upcoming entrepreneurs and after testing several options we are proud to announce our new Learning and Support Platform for Entrepreneurs and Changemakers. Starting ... Read More

Decisions, Decisions

It is 4 pm, I am sitting in the lounge of my hotel preparing my next meeting and taking some notes about the things that stuck out from my last ... Read More

What a coach can do for you?

You are at the stage where you know that something has to change, but you’re not sure what and how it should change. You feel stressed out and as much ... Read More

How to identify your niche market?

We all heard the experts telling us when starting your business you need to know your niche market. But why do you need to do this? The first thing I do ... Read More

My perfect client

Over the last 2 years I have worked with a range of people wanting to start a business with varied results. Some went really far, started their business and are ... Read More

How to validate a business idea?

So, you came up with that grand product or service that is going to make you successful and will pay for the life you want! Is that you? Being a ... Read More

How I do my Social Media Planning

I don't know if you've found your perfect Social Media Planning and Management tool, but I have been searching for the right tool for quite a while now and have ... Read More

How to use Social Media effectively?

It really doesn't matter in what kind of business you're in today, you won't get around using Social Media in one way or another. Social Media has pretty much replaced ... Read More

The Twist that will make your business

Lets say you are running your business and you worked hard to get where you are today. You've established yourself, you know your competitors, your clients and your position within ... Read More

Your chance to support entrepreneurship

Today we've published our crowdfunding campaign on ( This is our way to create the funding to support entrepreneurs who haven't got the financial means to start their own ... Read More

Why so many entrepreneurs give up

Statistically speaking, around 80% of all start-ups give-up within 3 years of starting up. This is a scary number. There might be many reasons why entrepreneurs give up, but in ... Read More

How a change maker works

Being a change maker or entrepreneur is not about you, but the people you decide to help. When talking about their business most start-ups or even established businesses are talking ... Read More

What if there is nothing wrong with you?

Sometimes I am in a strange space of mind. When I try so hard to achieve something and go absolutely nowhere. I start doubting myself, my abilities, my beliefs and ... Read More

Are you worried about your future?

If you Google the question "Are you worried about your future?" you will come across many different ideas. Most of them relate to things like "Embrace the uncertainty" or "Trust ... Read More

Money and why it might stop you being successful

Money is the driving force in most businesses. It's the one thing they all want and they're all measured on. Everything turns around money. When we're talking about our business, ... Read More

It’s all up to you

How is your life going right now? Are you on track? Are you getting what you want? Do you actually know what you want? No? Let me tell you, you're ... Read More

Why do most entrepreneurs struggle with money?

To answer that question we need to be clear about what money means today. Lets take a few of the remarks I get when asking the question to entrepreneurs "What ... Read More

How to communicate with your clients?

Communicating effectively with clients is vital for most businesses and still done so badly. If you want to improve your communication skills and create a personal bond with your clients, ... Read More

How to start your business without being scared?

Are you scared of starting your business? Are you worried it might not work out? You are not alone. Statistically the one reason people don't start their own business is ... Read More

Why is change so hard?

I found that there are two main reasons why people struggle with change: They don't really want to change. They love the idea of what the change will bring, but ... Read More

Meditation – Why, How and When

I have been asked this question many times and even so I do it everyday, until now I never really spoke about it. So here it is: Anyone who knows ... Read More


Whenever we hear someone talking about entrepreneurship the phrase “You need to have a goal” is in the air and as more as you get involved in this subject, as ... Read More

What is a Business Idea?

The business idea is the reason why you think you’ve got a business opportunity. This can be a product or a service or anything else that might be of value ... Read More

The Power of Now

Beside the weather the most spoken about subject is time. We either don't seem to have enough time because we are so busy or we are bored and time couldn't ... Read More

The frustration of not going anywhere

That's the feeling I have right now with one of my projects. I know I am not alone. Many times entrepreneurs of all ages and experiences come to me with ... Read More

Just ask!

If you have children you have the chance to learn the lesson of your life. You might wonder what I am talking about, let me explain. A few days ago my ... Read More

Are you an entrepreneur?

Over the last years the word entrepreneur has become a real fashion word and is seen by many individuals, organisations and governments as the main cure for future unemployment issues ... Read More

Do you have a Business Partner?

There are many reasons why you might decide to partner with someone and at least as many reasons not to. This is a very difficult subject and I’ve seen more ... Read More

What is success for you?

A few days ago I had a chat with the daughter of a friend of mine and she was very curious to find out what the word success means. She ... Read More

What we’ve learned so far about entrepreneurship

Over the last few years the word entrepreneur has been used and miss-used in an unprecedented fashion and more and more individuals and organisations trying to use that current fashion ... Read More


Change is like the water in a river. The water always flows, you can't stop that. But you can use the water to carve a new way and change the ... Read More

Positive thinking

Are you a positive thinker? If so, what do you think is more positive, a glass half full or a glass half empty? While studying positive and successful people I ... Read More

You need to be an entrepreneur, if you want to or not!

Over the last 10 years business and the job markets have changed substantially. Even before the 2008 crises companies struggled with fierce competition and reduced profit margins. The fear of ... Read More

Measure your success in fun only!

I have been in the business of helping entrepreneurs for many years now and I think it is time to take a stand against a lot of those so called ... Read More

The biggest decision stopper – Choice

We as humans have a major advantage over all other living beings: The power of imagination We can imaging the future and possible outcomes and go through multiple scenarios of ... Read More

You, not your business, just you

Why do you want to start a business? Ask yourself that question and most likely one of the main points in your answer relates to making more money. That is ... Read More

How do you keep your motivation high?

In one of the workshops I recently attended, a presenter asked us to imagine doing a dream job. I imagined myself being recognised as a key opinion leader on cross-cultural ... Read More


Starting and running a business is all about planning, goal-setting and working towards it. Every entrepreneur can confirm that. How else can we achieve something and measure our success. It ... Read More

What do successful entrepreneurs do every day?

At my first coaching session with John, I expected we would finally talk about my business plan. Instead, we kept talking about my business idea. So, I was very excited ... Read More

I thought I had a business idea, but…

A couple days after I returned to Brussels, I found Entrepreneur Academy meet-up and immediately signed up for it. I was hoping that this meet-up would help me find a ... Read More

The road to success is littered with …

The road that unfolds before us was supposed to be leading us to the great river, crossing many countries from its spring to the Black Sea. As we were walking down ... Read More

Who needs an elevator?

We live in a nice comfortable apartment, the rooms are tall and there is a lot of space. The view is nice, we are on the 4th floor, people tend ... Read More

I don’t know how to start up a business!

But I did not start up my own business. Instead, I went to an MBA program at IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland, because I wanted to globalise my career. At IMD, ... Read More

I am an entrepreneur wannabe

This is how I introduced myself at my first Entrepreneur Academy meet-up. I signed up for the meet-up because running my own business has been my longest dream. Actually, when ... Read More

What is the right decision?

How often did you ask yourself this question? How do you know whatever you decide is the right decision? Lets take an example: Imagine it is Thursday afternoon. You've planned ... Read More

A question of perspective

A few weeks ago I had a discussion with one of my friends about a specific subject I've studied for a few years. He too had studied this subject for ... Read More

Everything starts with an action!

Over the years working with entrepreneurs all over Europe I now believe that every possible success starts with an action. Think about it. If you want to achieve anything in ... Read More

How to get your business organised?

Running a business involves lots of things and sometimes, even with all the work and effort you put into it, things don't always work out. That is not a nice ... Read More

Ready for a change?

Changes are happening all the time, how do we deal with them, should we avoid them? or accept them? I worked for many years in IT as employee and during ... Read More

What do you do?

A question most of you have been asked in the past: What do you do? How do you answer this question? If it takes you more then 10 words to describe ... Read More

The Motivation Triangle

During my years working with many entrepreneurs one subject has been discussed most: How can I stay motivated? That this is such an important subject shows that lots of people struggling ... Read More


How can you gain Influence? If we are aware of it or not, we all try to influence others all the time. The parent might want his child to do ... Read More

Take back your Agenda

Stop, relax for a moment..... In your mind, go through all the things you've done today. Has any of this brought you any nearer to your goal or dream? If ... Read More

How to get motivated?

Have you ever felt really motivated about something? If you ever been in love, you certainly know what I am talking about. This internal drive that lets you move mountains, ... Read More

The Idea

As an entrepreneur you love the challenge of the new, the amazing feeling when an Idea turns into reality. It is like a rush and sometimes it's like falling in ... Read More

From Hate It to Love It

You can't stand your job and have to work with people you don't like and do work you hate! There just isn't another option! You can't give it up you need the money! ... Read More

If things get too much

There are times in anyone's life when things just get too much. I know, I've been there and probably will find myself in that corner in the future. This is ... Read More

Am I an entrepreneur?

You always wanted to do something different, maybe start your own business or get that amazing job? Great! However, how do you know that you are made for it? You ... Read More

Why you need other people to succeed?

It took me a long time and lots of failures to understand why I can't do it on my own. If you want to be successful in anything you need ... Read More

How an entrepreneur decides what to do?

For most people I’ve met, the answer to that question was very easy and mostly was along that line: I love flowers and I want to open a flower shop! ... Read More

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