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In this podcast, I talk about passion and purpose and explain on one side the difference between the two and on the other side how they work together.

I am asking you – what is your passion and what is your purpose? And how do you find that out?

You may be interested in a method I use with my own clients when they struggle to find their passion and purpose. It works with a large number of people, so you may find it useful, too.

Other important questions answered in this podcast are the following:

what can you do first?

What are the things that make you smile?

Or simply feel good?

In ten years’ time, when you look back, what do you want to see?

What do I wanna be proud of?

With each question and a possible issue, I share my views – how I deal with it, how my clients deal with it, what direction I take, and so on. That way, we’re not just talking about this, you have a chance to see it in practice.

After this podcast, you will be familiar with the difference between passion and purpose and how they work together, so you will be able to use it to your advantage.

Remember, passion is something that’s inside you; it has nothing to do with what exists or happens around you. And the purpose is what you want you to see yourself to be, the direction you want to go. Bring them together, and everything just flows!

Feel free to contact us to show you how to make different things happen. You can have a look at our website.

Leave the comment below and let us know about your experience. What’s your purpose and what’s your passion?

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  1. Nina

    Thanx for this clarification! Very concise and unambiguous.

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