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This podcast explains how to recognise stress and deal with it quickly before it consumes you.

So, there seem to be many ways different people have found effective when dealing with overwhelming feelings, but here I would like to focus on one particular area – I want to talk about the impact physics has on your mind.

I tend to feel a little bit down from time to time, just like most people, I’m sure. So, in the past, I wondered what I could do to get me out of this hole I’m in?

I found that doing one specific thing can help – of course, everyone has their way of doing it, but it all boils down to a particular thing.

There are different ways people use to get rid of stress – we’re all unique individuals, so, naturally, we cannot use a single rule that applies to everyone.

In this podcast, I mention a few techniques that were proven to be effective, so I hope you find the one for yourself after listening. I’m looking forward to hearing your answers – what is it that you do to make yourself feel better?

So write down in the comments section, and bear in mind, this is a question for all ages.

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  1. Marie

    Relieving stress comes through the body indeed. I stretch, smile at others, and focus on my breathing when I need to do something discreet and quick. And I dance and/or do yoga on a more regular and deep basis. But I think focusing on a slow and deep breathing would be the most effective exercise in any given situation. It’s the basis in yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices.

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