Goal Setting

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If you’re wondering what it is that helps you stick to your goals throughout the year to be able to say I did it” at the end of the year, then this podcast is for you. Many people set goals nowadays, but unfortunately, only the minority achieve them, while the others simply give up. How do we stay motivated and focused? What is it that makes us stick through?

In this episode, I share my own experience and what I found helps me make sure I achieve all my goals. I reflect on these points:

  • Why we should make our goals personal and what it means;
  • Why our goals should be only a direction, not an endpoint;
  • How the question “Why?” relates to the goal we’re setting;
  • Why the goals we set should be actionable and believable and what it means;
  • How to make our goals achievable;
  • Why we should describe our goals in detail and what it does for us.

I hope this podcast helps you learn some new tips about goal setting. I would like to hear about your experience in the comments.

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