How Many Hours Does An Entrepreneur Work?

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In this episode, I’m starting to bring my Q&A sessions to my podcast channels. In each podcast, we talk about specific aspects related to startups, entrepreneurship, and personal and business development.

In this podcast we discuss the following:

How many hours does an entrepreneur actually work? There is so much talk about working 40 hours, but the reality for entrepreneurs looks very different.

If you want to build something, create something great, you’re not gonna do it by doing as little as possible. Besides that, what is the point? I am guessing you love what you’re doing. So, why do very little of the things you love?

In this podcast, I give you some inside what my working day looks like and I manage my workload.

If you want your questions answered, ask them below in the comments or send us a mail or message via the usual channels. Enjoy 🙂

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