How to be a Top Performer

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In this podcast, I focus on the importance of the things that affect our performance – primarily what we eat and drink.

Over the years, I’ve had a chance to speak with many entrepreneurs, and I love how some of them excel in the way they do stuff. So, I was curious to know how they manage it, and I found some recurrent patterns in their answers.

If you want to be top-level, you want to make sure your body is top level. It means that you need to have the right energy to go through the process every day to do what you do.

Here, we discuss what it means and how you can achieve the wanted level of fitness.

Watch your body
I learned about the importance of energy levels years ago, and that’s when I changed my diet. It works differently for everyone, so you will need to find the one thing that works for you and apply it.

What is it that gives you the right energy?
What should you eat to feel more energised and productive?

If you’re unsure where to start from or how to do it – get yourself a coach, someone who specialises in food.
When you change the input, you get the best possible output.

So, guys and gals, be aware of what you eat and drink. Then, eat the right stuff and get ready to roll!

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