How To Focus And Get Things Done

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Have you ever felt that whenever you have something to do, something else comes in the way and you get distracted, even though you know you should do it, but you simply can’t?

I’ve done a lot of work in this area and today I’ll share my story with you. I will tackle the problem with focus. How do you stop your mind from going everywhere?

There are a few steps that have proven to be successful and they can be divided into two groups: mental and physical focus.

You’ll learn about the importance of physical activity, how it affects our focus and what you can do to improve it. I talk about how physical activity changed my mindset and what I use to boost my focus.

When it comes to mental focus, I explain in detail all about GTD methodology – what it means, how well it worked for me, what I learned from applying it, and so on. Some of the points I cover are:

  • preparation for the task ahead;
  • working in short time frames;
  • motivating yourself with success stories;
  • prioritising tasks.

I hope this podcast helps you find what works best for you, and that you will see the results shortly.


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