How To Manage A Team

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How do you manage a team? This is one of the most frequently asked questions from business owners and people working for a company.

This rule applies to both fields: business and career. You’re good at something, you grow, and at some point, more people are involved in helping you complete the tasks. What does it mean for you? Your role now changes completely. You don’t have the same responsibilities, assignments, or expectations.

I talk about three main aspects when managing a team:

  • individual motivation
  • team motivation, and
  • your motivation, as a manager.

You will learn how to accept different working styles, adjust your expectations, and align your goals with your team’s goals. I talk about the importance of motivation; how can you motivate each member to contribute to the team and accomplish the goal? How do you find the driving force?

There are two points every successful manager needs to have in mind:

  • motivation, which refers to the team
  • outcome, which refers to achievements

You will hear how they’re different and why they are both equally important.

Managing a team, you need to constantly motivate them to be the best possible versions of themselves. I hope today’s episode gives you some ideas on how to do that.


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