How To Really Manage Problems

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In this podcast, we mainly focus on three things:

  • How we identify problems;
  • How we define problems;
  • How we solve problems.

We’ve all found ourselves in situations where it seems we are faced with a problem that doesn’t have a solution. Today, I talk about the inseparable bond between a problem and a solution and what it means in different situations and how it a problem can be seen from different levels.

Also, I talk about the difference between a problem and a fact, because they can easily look the same. You will learn how not to fall into that trap of mixing them up, and also what hints to pay attention to so you can identify if it’s a problem or a fact you’re faced with.

Another important point we talk about here is how our problems involve and affect others and what value we can create in that situation.

Feel free to share what you think of today’s topic in the comments and if you learned something new. I’m looking forward to talking to you!

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