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Ana is a coach who helps young graduates discover their true potential and their life’s purpose while taking charge of their mental and physical well-being.
As a young individual, after graduating from KU Leuven in Brussels – obtaining a Master’s degree in Science, she went to discover her own life’s mission. She decided that it’s crucial to be who we are and do what we’re meant to do in life, rather than spend many years trying to fit in a job description written by someone else, in an environment we don’t feel comfortable in and waste time doing what society, our parents or friends think we should do.

During the past 10 years while living in different environments, cultures and working various jobs she always made sure of two things, that she is financially independent and that she does things she enjoys and feels are right for her at that moment. In this period she discovered the need to have the financial freedom to do whatever feels right and to be mentally and physically well. She believes it’s important to have the courage to do in life what is right and ask for help when needed.
Therefore helping people create a career path and plan while offering support when it comes to discovering their mission in life is very rewarding to her and it creates an empowering and judge-free environment full of positive energy.

In her mind, the second thing of equal importance is well-being in every sense of that word. Constantly challenging your mind and physically train your body in order to function to your full potential can ensure a lifestyle where you feel more energy and strength to grow. Taking care of your well-being physically and mentally while in process of self-discovery, always striving for a better version of yourself is what will ultimately lead to a career and a lifestyle you can normally only dream of.

Now she creates podcasts, writes blogs and offers to coach to help those who are courageous, willing and ready to discover their dream-jobs and live the lifestyle they deserve.

Today she lives in the beautiful city of Belgrade, Serbia.

You can contact her by email: ana.lazarevic27(at)

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