Q&A – How to find a job during a crisis

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In this podcast, we have two very relevant questions for the situation we are in today, with the pandemic. They both tackle employment, so I hope you find something useful for you after listening to this podcast.

The first question is about finding a job in a crisis. The person asking it has just recently lost his job due to the company’s crash and is now looking for a new one, but is struggling with how to do it. In my answer, you can find the three areas I suggest focusing on and then the steps you can take in order to figure out things, such as: what you are good at and what you are not, things you like to do, and things you are not good at. I also talk about some important points that most people overlook, but that can be of great help.

The second question is similar; it is about the fear of losing your current job. The person asking is worried about this possibility and would like to know what she should do. Since the question is similar to the previous one, and so are some of my answers, you can still find some new, interesting points, such as the importance of networking, or what you should do to stop worrying, or what are the next action steps you can take and in which direction you are heading.

I hope you enjoyed this podcast and will use the answers and apply them in your life. Don’t forget to subscribe and send us your questions. We promise to read and answer them.

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